Trouble trying to connect to my own connector

Hi everyone.

I’ve just started to study about Interledger and am still struggling with some basics. Hope someone here can help!

I’ve managed to get a connector up and running by following Adrian’s tutorial Running your own ILP connector, but I’m facing issues when I try to connect with it from a moneyd instance running on my machine.

The local moneyd instance gets to comunicate with the remote connector, but is not abble to create a channel due to an undefined destination:

info creating outgoing channel. from=r3EhvL6a9ADrtrwd5XMQZnnDmroR9urvw5 to=undefined amount=10
app error [ValidationError(instance.paymentChannelCreate requires property "destination")]

Appearently there’s something wrong in the connector configs, as I was abble to connect to a different connector ( using similar moneyd config.

What am I missing?

Here is my current config:

DEBUG: 'ilp*,connector*',
CONNECTOR_ENV: 'production',
CONNECTOR_BACKEND: 'one-to-one',
CONNECTOR_STORE: 'ilp-store-redis',
  "prefix": "connector",
  "port": 6379
  "peer1": {
    "relation": "peer",
    "plugin": "ilp-plugin-xrp-paychan",
    "assetCode": "XRP",
    "assetScale": 9,
    "balance": {
      "maximum": "1000000000",
      "settleThreshold": "-5000000000",
      "settleTo": "0"
    "options": {
      "listener": {
        "port": 7444,
        "secret": "<RANDOM SECRET>"
      "rippledServer": "wss://",
      "address": "r99HvXMMCYf8KApw14a71zJLMHkKZhfD5V",
      "secret": "<MY XRP SECRET>"
  "ilsp": {
    "relation": "child",
    "plugin": "ilp-plugin-xrp-asym-server",
    "assetCode": "XRP",
    "assetScale": 6,
    "options": {
      "port": 7443,
      "xrpServer": "wss://",
      "address": "r99HvXMMCYf8KApw14a71zJLMHkKZhfD5V",
      "secret": "snxeX5985xvuuK28nGBFGReeuHa8c"


Just a bit more context to my earlier message.

Can you believe this stuff???


Hi Italo,

Glad to hear that you’re playing around with deploying a connector. How are you running moneyd to connect? It looks like the last time that the moneyd connector_list was updated was 18 days ago so I think that by default moneyd is trying to connect to another connector in the network and not your own. Are you editing the ~/.moneyd.test.json to connect to your host?

Hi Austin!

Yeah, I have edited my moneyd.test.json, and I’m successfully comunicating with the connector. I can verify that in it’s logs.

I’m guessing there’s something wrong in the connector’s side, as I was able to connect to the testnet with a similar moneyd config. I’ve just changed the server’s btp address.

Hi Italo, if you are able to establish communication with your connector but are failing to send payments then I would check the plugin config on your connector. It looks like you might be missing a few fields within options of your “ilsp” account. Specifically, try adding assetScale within options as well. Also, you should be using an assetScale of 9 instead of 6.

If that doesn’t change anything I would also make sure that moneyd is running on the testnet because it looks like your connector plugin XRP address is a testnet address. Let me know if you’re still having issues after this.

Hey Austin,

My options looks like this right now:

options: {
    listener: {
      port: 8000,
      secret: "<RANDOM SECRET>"
    assetScale: 9,
    rippledServer: "wss://",
    address: "<XRP ADDRESS>",
    secret: "<XRP SECRET>",
    peerAddress: "<PEER  XRP ADDRESS>",

Though I’m still getting the same error. The ilp-plugin-xrp-asym-client is unable to open a payment channel because it’s getting an undefined peerAddress:

error [ValidationError(instance.paymentChannelCreate requires property "destination")]

Hi Italo, peerAddress is not a valid option for ilp-plugin-xrp-asym-server. The asym-server allows many clients to connect, so there is no need to specify a single peer address.

Ok, that makes sense! But why would moneyd try to open a payment channel with undefined destination? Is it getting a malformed response from the connector?

That is likely an indication that one of the XRP addresses is misconfigured, either on the connector end or the moneyd end.