Problems on using moneyd

I tried to understand interledger these days, but I still can’t make moneyd works.
After I setup moneyd with xrp testnet, I tried to run below commands
ilp-spsp send --receiver ‘$’ --amount 100
ilp-spsp send --receiver http://localhost:8080 --amount 100
and both of it returns
sent 100 units!

I expected balance (drops) will be changed after I sent the funds.
But nothing changed.

Am I missing/misunderstanding sth?


balance (drops) refers to on-ledger channel balances (assuming you’re talking about the balance that moneyd info gives you). These on-ledger balances are separate from the bilateral accounting relationships kept on the Interledger layer. They will eventually agree, but there’s a time before settlement occurs. So if you make a bunch of payments through Interledger they’ll eventually be reflected in your on-ledger balances / payment channels when settlement occurs, if that makes sense.

In your case I think this balance update will never appear because it looks like you’re running a sender and receiver connected to the same moneyd. That means you’re basically sending from yourself to yourself. So even though the Interledger payments go through correctly no debt can be created from yourself to yourself so no settlement is necessary.

LMK if you have any further questions or if my answer covered some aspect too hastily

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Thanks @sharafian!

So, after I sent funds to strata on testnet, is it possible to trigger settlement on my side?

Btw, I got below error on moneyd when i trying to receive funds, is it related to the problem?
connector:ilp-plugin-mini-accounts[local] debug incoming ws closed. error= { Error: read ECONNRESET at TCP.onStreamRead (internal/stream_base_commons.js:111:27) errno: 'ECONNRESET', code: 'ECONNRESET', syscall: 'read' }

connector:ilp-plugin-mini-accounts[local] debug incoming ws closed. error= 1000

Thanks again!

I believe triggering settlement would involve closing your payment channels. You can do this using the cleanup command. Not sure if there’s another way.

Settlement in this scenario is just sending a payment channel claim, not actually settling the payment channel to the ledger. It’s a little confusing because there’s multiple ‘levels’ of settlement.

If you just want to settle your ILP balance to ensure you can send more packets, that happens automatically. Claims are sent after every packet because they’re so cheap to sign.

If you want to have the results of your ILP sending and receiving fully updated on the XRP ledger and not simply existing as payment channel updates, then you do want to close your payment channels as AJ580 says