Help with: Error sending payment: {"code":"F02"

Hello everyone. I am receiving this error when trying to send money using Moneyed. Any advise why?

I already have moneyed running under:

DEBUG=ilp* ilp-spsp send --amount 10 --receiver ‘$

error sending payment: {"code":"F02","triggeredBy":"test.n3tc4t","message":"no route found. source=ilsp destination=test.strata-ilsp-3.xrpTestChildren.i9ESP2Org2PP1Es9kMeCtQM5vxpQLRp0DYTswx6GU10.local.Y7HxNaKJvhlNihM7S6BMttSCfQHIBjkAmrCdXuuCZR8.DFn7eYDOH4w.WjUvzi316Fqlvik3mTXmtAeZ","data":{"type":"Buffer","data":[]}}

Thanks in advance.

Hi Marco,

I just walked through Ben Sharafian’s SPSP tutorial a couple weeks ago.

From my understanding, moneyd is not able to connect to the testnet right now as there is nobody actively maintaining it. How were you able to connect to this testnet?

On the other hand, I was able to use ILP to send payments to myself by using a localtunnel subdomain which is explained later in the article.

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Hi Marco,

I thinks it’s because the 2 testnet’s are not linked together?

If you try sending a payment to someone on the same network it should work.


If you use the --testnet --advanced option on configuration you can change the connector to the


Hi @rslater12 & @Ayush ,

Thank both for your responses.

I resolved the issue by creating a new pointer using the ilp-spsp-server, because by default I was sending it to a peer that didn’t exist, that is why it was sending ‘0’.


How did you create a new pointer? Im struggling making a test payment. I get a no route found as well.

 ilp-spsp send --amount 10 --receiver '$'
paying 10 to "$"...
DeprecationWarning: sendSingleChunk is deprecated and will be removed in the next version. Use sendRequest instead
sent 0 units!

moneydtest.json config

cat /home/ubuntu/.moneyd.test.json  
  "version": 1,
  "uplinks": {
    "xrp": {
      "relation": "parent",
      "plugin": "/usr/local/lib/node_modules/moneyd-uplink-xrp/node_modules/ilp-plugin-xrp-asym-client/index.js",
      "assetCode": "XRP",
      "assetScale": 9,
      "balance": {
        "minimum": "-Infinity",
        "maximum": "20000000",
        "settleThreshold": "5000000",
        "settleTo": "10000000"
      "sendRoutes": false,
      "receiveRoutes": false,
      "options": {
        "currencyScale": 9,
        "server": "btp+wss://",
        "secret": "ssxKJbQiAnPx9E7SEzsjgJv5wZAGB",
        "address": "rEZEPFxMVNH6nKfMP4RHwaTjrWNcyATcFP",
        "xrpServer": "wss://"


You will need to open a new terminal and run the command:

npm install -g ilp-spsp-server
ilp-spsp-server --subdomain

And then in a second terminal run:

ilp-spsp send --receiver '$' --amount 100

I believe you are using a different testnet to the one this address is on??

OK That worked.however Im not seeing it cross moneyd out to a remote connector and return. Looks like it stays on the box.Is that accurate