Squire <> ILP

Hey all - Squire recently started development on payouts through ILP and I wanted to see if anyone here (with a testnet addr ideally) would be interested in being a tester? There’s still work to be done of course but basically the software recycles your spare compute power and storage to make you money in the background. Some of this is accomplished through optimizing mining, offering compute resources, storage jobs, etc. under the hood - but the software is user-focused and designed to adjust dynamically to your usage (fan speed, temps, cpu/gpu utilization, etc.) and stay out of the way. Ideally you only notice it when you get paid.

Shoot me a message if interested/curious - happy to set some people up with a test acct, or to just chat about Squire + ILP and future use-cases in here. Some of the potential long-term integrations include virtualized Codius hosting as a bid for resources under the hood, Squire client moneyd sub-abstraction to allow balances to be used for co-native applications (content streaming, pay-per-packet, etc.) - very much open to more ideas too!

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Hi I am both curious and interested. Thank you in advance. Allen

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Awesome - will follow up directly.

Hey @condaatje, welcome to the forum!

Could you describe a bit more of how you’re using or going to use ILP? Is the idea that the money would be streamed constantly through Interledger or that you’d build up a balance in a Squire account that you could manually withdraw to an account across the Interledger?


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Thanks @emschwartz - I think both are viable options and am keeping an open mind. Currently I’m operating under the balance/payout model because there are things for which you can use Squire balances within the system. For example, right now you can use the money your device has earned to store files on the network. There’s also a measure of control authority afforded on a techonomic level by having database-style balances in a system like this (think implied staking, quicker handshakes). Also, this approach is the simplest way to integrate ILP as a first step. However, in the long run and with some algorithmic+incentive improvements to Squire I believe a constant streaming model across the Interledger is viable, but will require a measure of R&D.

Especially interesting/compatible as an intermediate step is the constant stream of varied micro-bits of value that Squire produces/will produce. Considering mining in general as a continuous bid for network computation (though ideally not the only one), and that the ‘best’ chain to mine on may change several times a day, ILP’s specific near-term benefits become apparent. Micro-value, streaming, ledger diversity.