What about setting up working groups to explore possible use cases?


There is a good chance that I return to full time work (my background is in real estate private equity) within the next few weeks. I would be interested in collaborating with someone working on Interledger (as well as possibly an academic) to research and write up a paper on potential uses cases related to real estate. This would be in my spare time and something I could probably begin work on some time this year, so wanted to sound out the idea. Thoughts?


@surferwat I’m working on Interledger @ Strata Labs, and I’m also curious about the intersection of micropayments and space – real estate, coworking/coliving, etc. Happy to connect virtually or in person at the ILP summit!

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@surferwat You can see my work regarding using both Rippled and ILP to enable a new global P2P risk sharing service here. https://banknxt.com/author/ronginn/

I’m very familiar with Real Estate (residential), and have also done extensive thinking (much of which predates Ripple’s existence) on how to systematically reduce Liquidity Risk in the real estate market. When I first found Ripple’s tech, it was obviously the tool I needed but could find back in 2010-11.

Happy to discuss openly here up to a point, or PM me and I will give you my email/phone and we can connect. Do you surf, or is that just a user name?


Yes, let’s connect! Micropayments and space is an interesting area. I may be in Asia the week of the summit so am trying to rearrange my schedule to make it all work. I will update you.


I would like to ultimately publish an academic type paper, so probably whatever format works best to achieve that objective I suppose. I haven’t yet thought about it. Yes, I surf whenever I get the chance!

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