Wallets and Hosted Accounts

It seems at edge of the ILP networks, in user application space, wallets and applications are somewhat bound to be along side server processes.

I am curious if anyone else has been having success acting like a true socket client to a hosted account (Edge Connector) and triggering authorized transfers with packets alone. I have not had any full continuity on trying to manipulate the servers into transferring money from outside the node network. This should be possible with the right account credentials.

What I mean by that, is imagine you will not run your own infrastructure and simply join ILPConnectors.com to be in the game and get a host account through a connector on an ILP testnet.

On your mobile phone you then want to be able to make calls to the API and craft packets with your credentials to instruct your hosted wallet to send money etc and observe your balances. This is the concept of a mobile sdk.

This is the premise of what I have been trying to do with out success. Has anyone built any successful wallet / clients to a remote ILP account that does not run server processes (on the client side)?

If you’re building for a hosted account model, the mobile SDK could simply interact with an HTTP API, along the lines of what the Rust node currently exposes plus some more features.

To bundle an ILP client stack into a mobile app, you would take the pieces that comprise the SPSP client along with the BTP or HTTP client service. That would let you connect to a connector directly to send packets.

OK I am on the right track then in my ‘wallet’. I have cannibalized code for from some of the cascaded calls from /pay. Especially the try_send where the STREAM frames are built and ILP packet.

I’ll try to get some code up on github for this client effort so it is easier assess.