Beta Testers Wanted / Try out our new interledger app!


Hey everyone, we’re releasing Switch, a new way to trade cryptocurrencies, powered by interledger!

It’s a desktop app for swapping XRP, ETH and BTC. It uses streaming payments to swap between asset while giving users complete ownership of their funds at all times.

We’re looking for people to try out switch and tell us what you think.

The instructions and download link are in the readme here:

Setup only takes 3 minutes and you can choose between testnet and mainnet so no funds required. The instructions tell you how to get testnet addresses and coins if you don’t have them already.

We’d love to hear feedback on:

  • bugs and problems in installation
  • confusion on why it does things a particular way
  • things you thought were cool/magical/surprising
  • features you’d like to see added
  • if you’re getting #reckless on mainnet, we’d love to hear how it went!

@karzak Taking for a spin! Getting an error trying to build for mac. Shall I post error here or GitHub issues? (yarn add ilp-protocol-stream fixed it)

When creating an XRP card there’s a suggestion for a secret, but no way to use it unless I’m missing something. :man_facepalming: went to XRP Test Net Faucet link and generated a secret. Works awesome! Would be awesome to have easy way to test BTC/ETH too.

Thank you!


Great to hear you got it running!

For ETH, you can generate a private key and address here. Then you can head over to the faucet at to get testnet ETH.

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Awesome. Is someone running a lightning test node to play around with?


@html5cat You can use Zap wallet to try Switch with the lightning testnet.

It’s a bit clunky right now but works. There’s some instructions on the github

Let us know if you have questions / run into problems. If you’re not on mac, the locations for the lnd credentials might be a bit different.