Community Call - March 6, 2019

The next community call will be on March 6 at 7am PST / 10am EST / 3pm UTC via Zoom.

If you have suggestions of topics for the agenda, please post them here!

Can we discuss a framework for how to think about micropayments use cases? After talking with the guys from Strata Labs they said this is an area that people might tend to struggle with.

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@adiprinzio that sounds good to me. Could you give a little more detail on what type of framework you’re imagining? Is the idea to come up with a list of micropayment use cases or a way to determine whether a particular use case would benefit from Interledger micropayments?

I would also love to hear from @sharafian and @d1no007 about their experience so far with the HTTP-based bilateral protocol.

Hey @emschwartz! Yeah that’s basically the general idea. What I’m trying to do right now is get more people building with and contributing to ILP. However, when trying to sell the protocol as being really good for micropayments use cases sometimes it can be difficult to make a full-proof argument. My goal with getting this information from the community is to: 1.) Come up with a solid list of indisputable micropayments use cases and 2.) A process for how to determine whether or not a micropayments use case makes sense. The idea would be to then take this information and explain how ILP can enable these use cases.

General Process:

What is a micropayment? => What are full-proof/logical micropayments use cases => What is a general framework for assessing a micropayments use case? => What is ILP? => How does ILP enable micropayments? => What can we build with ILP?

As a non-engineer I thought this could be a good way for me to contribute to the community. Once I have this formula it’s easy to get up in front of people and create a compelling narrative for ILP. Hopefully this will start to drive the next wave of adoption. That’s how I was able to pique B@B R&D’s interest for example.

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That sounds good to me! In the meantime, want to also kick off another thread on this forum so that we have a place to focus the online discussions? I think it’s helpful to have some discussion going already when we talk about a topic on the call, also so there’s a place to point people to after the call if they’re interested in following up.

Yeah I think that’s a good idea. I’ll create a separate thread so people can talk about this topic. I’ve also talked with the guys at Dekrypt about this and they’ve been trying to think through this as well. Definitely think it’ll be worthwhile.

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  1. Framework for micropayment use cases [3-5 min presentation, 10 min discussion] - @adiprinzio
  2. Experience deploying ILP-Over-HTTP [5 min presentation, 10 min discussion] - @d1no007 or @sharafian
  3. Payment Privacy [3 min presentation, 5 min discussion] - @emschwartz
  4. Proposal to Change Community Call Time [1 min presentation, 5 min discussion] - @sharafian
  5. Open discussion and other topics [10 min]

Agenda for the next meeting is here