Programmatically sending money to a Payment Pointer using interledger

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I’m working on a service that enables people to share URLs that have some monetary value. When opening the URL, you see a form that asks for your Payment Pointer. Fill it in, submit it, and you get the money associated with that URL.

Now, I’m struggling with actually sending the money. Initially, I was hoping to use the Uphold wallet, but after getting in touch with their support, they don’t support sending money with Interledger yet. And if I read the blog by Coil’s CEO on the new Rafiki project, I understand that there are no wallet implementations as of now that support sending money, only receiving.

However, today’s Interledger wallets only support receiving streaming payments.

So I’m starting to think that what I want to build is not yet feasible, as there is no way to send one-off payments to a payment pointer as of now. Or am I missing something? Any help is very much appreciated!

Hi Joep, we will support this with Rafiki which will unlock all the features of Interledger via APIs and we are working on releasing a testnet before the end of the year. :rocket:

We will track the project in GitHub - coilhq/rafiki: An open-source, comprehensive Interledger service for wallet providers, enabling them to provide Interledger functionality to their users. and post regular updates in Coil - DEV Community

How does the roadmap for the service you’re working on look like?

Hi Uchi,

Thanks for your reply!

How does the roadmap for the service you’re working on look like?

Well, we were planning to have a working prototype by august. I’m guessing that is too soon to use Rafiki, right? What does the Rafiki roadmap look like, when is it realistic to be doing one-off interledger payments? Or when the API likely to stabilize, which means that we could interface on that before it’s done?

Yes. The timeline is short and Rafiki will not be ready by August.

We will post the roadmap on the repo and also share updates every 6 weeks on

We have the Community Call - June 9, 2021 where Adrian and others will be able to answer questions and provide more context.

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Thanks for the info, Uchi!