Help getting started using ILP

Hi all,

I’m exploring the Interledger technology in the context of Web Monetization. For now, my goal is to create a simple demo application that transfers money from one payment pointer to another using an ILP testnet. With Ripplex being closed down, I would use as a testnet.

Initially I tried writing the demo in Java using Quilt, based on the example at quilt/ at v1.3.1 · hyperledger/quilt · GitHub
However, I’m having difficulties providing the correct configuration when trying to run this example using (e.g. the OPERATOR_ADDRESS cannot be constructed because the rafiki username is based on an e-mail address).

Additionally, I tried to write the same demo in Typescript using Interledger.js, but I found it hard to discover the appropriate github projects to use and there seems to be a lack of examples (or maybe I’m looking in the wrong place). From what I understand, I should be able to implement my demo using interledgerjs/packages/pay at master · interledgerjs/interledgerjs · GitHub in combination with a LedgerPlugin implementation. I guess has an HTTP interface, so maybe I can use the ilp-plugin-http plugin? However, I’m having trouble configuring the plugin, because I can’t find a technical specification of for interfacing (compared to Ripplex, which had a clear overview of which URIs and auth credentials to use).

I would very much appreciate it if somebody could help pointing me in the right direction! :slight_smile:

If you’re looking for help with the Java demo, I think @adrianhopebailie could help there.

For the JavaScript demo, maybe @sharafian could help.

Either way, if they’re not the right person for this, they can definitely point you in the direction of the right person.

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