Introducing Rafiki – An All-In-One Solution for Interledger Wallets

@justmoon today announced Rafiki, an open-source All-In-One Solution for Interledger which will enable features like:

  • Simple Payments (paying a specific amount)
  • Recurring Payments (subscriptions and pay-as-you-go)
  • App-based Payments (connecting apps to your Interledger wallet, allowing them to make payments)
  • Advanced Payments (including streaming payments and other novel use cases)

What this means for the community

As a Developer, you can review the code repository and contribute code, issues, and feedback today.

Learn more about Rafiki and contribute to the official Rafiki source code repository.

And view Stefan’s original blog post about Rafiki for more context.

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We are a recent GftW grantee and new to the community. Rafiki is important for our project and we are aiming to be early testnet participants. Are there details available about the target date for testnet and wallet provider candidates for the time being?

The plan is to have the testnet before December. The Rafiki repo has the roadmap and progress.