Proposal to Change Community Call Time

For those of us on the west coast, 7am is pretty early. A large portion of the community is in San Francisco, so how would people feel about moving it later?

Throwing 10am out there as a suggestion; at Coil we use this as the time for our team calls which include several people in the UTC+2 timezone.

@emschwartz suggested that maybe we could try another time for a week (perhaps the community call after the one on the 6th) and see how it works out.


I second 10AM. It would definitely increase attendance for some of us out here…


Yes please - it’s too early for us on the West Coast.
I would say fit the time of where you have most community members, hint hint West Coast.


As a West Coaster, 10am would be awesome!


Maybe the right question to ask is whether there is anyone that would not be able to join the call if it were 3 hours later (@adrianhopebailie, @dora-gt, @teemu)

It’s a little late but probably doable most weeks!

3 hours later -> 3 AM in Japan. It would get harder for me to join the call :joy:
That said, it affects only Asian people. So if it is better for you guys, I don’t object.

What if we moved it 1 hour later? 8am would be a little better for SF while not making it quite as late for people in Europe and Asia

Is there any chance that a link to a recording of the community call here, so any one that isn’t able to participate, can catch up at a later time?


This is a great idea. Though I’m sure careful consideration needs to be exercised about privacy rights. I’m not a lawyer, but I imagine If the call is recorded there should be a notice about the recording that is carefully crafted. The terms of that notice should inform participants that by participating in the call, the user is giving consent to being recorded.

The calls are all recorded and put on after


Thanks for the link Evan :+1: now book marked for future ref