Community Call - April 15th, 2020

The next community call will be on 2020-04-15T16:00:00Z

Dial in via Zoom

Please post topics you’d like to discuss here and some background context for the rest of the community (preferably not a few hours before the call so everyone has a chance to do some background reading).

I’d like to chat a bit about the transition from a world of Web Monetization setup via SPSP to multiple use cases (including Web Monetization) setup via Open Payments.

Said differently, we want Open Payments to be backward compatible with SPSP.

Let’s discuss exactly what that means


I’d like to discuss and demo a feature we implemented in the Java ILP connector for aggregating STREAM packets into a payment record.

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I’d like to discuss where we’re normatively storing the PaymentPointer spec.

Can you explain this to a “Joe average”? Cause to me that doesn’t sound like “atomic” swap/settlement anymore. Or is still the protocol layer handling the full payment and not the application layer above?

If so: is there a “diagram” explaining this?

These are the slides from my presentation on today’s call:

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Here is the recording:

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