Community in San Francisco?

Hi everyone,

I am the CTO of Swipe, a Brazilian company focused on the Stellar protocol. We have been experimenting with integrating the Interledger Protocol into our products for the last couple months.

I will be in San Francisco between July 8th and 22nd and it would be great to meet the community or discuss synergies with companies. If anyone is interested in setting up a meeting just let me know.


Hello Eduardo,

I’m based in the SF Bay Area and would be interested in meeting. Just for some context I’m not a developer or working on a specific ILP business atm. However, I am very involved with the community. Let me know if you’d like to meet.

You can see my background here.


I am in San Francisco as well, and down to meet up. Remind me when you’re in town and we can meet up to chat about ILP. If somebody wants to take initiative on leading a meetup, count me in!

It makes perfect sense to me to meet @adiprinzio and @ekrenzke. I also really like the meetup idea!

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Awesome. As we get closer to July, I’ll start scoping out potential venues for hosting an ILP meetup. I am used to hosting smaller meetups in the midwest, but there is plenty of interest surrounding ILP to warrant hosting a meetup in SF.

I don’t really have anything specific in mind, but if anybody wants to demo something they have been working on, feel free to post about it here. If you are not ready to announce what you are working on, but plan on making an announcement before mid-July, feel free to DM me with some details so we can plan accordingly.

If nobody wants to demo or present, I can make a 10 minute introductory overview presentation, with a 10 minute Q&A session for newbies. After that, we can just open it up for community mingling to get a better feel for the pulse. If you plan on presenting, try to limit it to a maximum of 20 minutes so that there is ample enough time for discussion. Super excited to meet with other ILP folks since I missed the ILP Summit. :slight_smile:

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@ekrenzke @adiprinzio I made a mistake about the dates. My trip will be between June 8th and 22nd, not July. Sorry about that!

Do those dates still work for you?

Those dates still work for me. Since it’s on relatively short notice, I will put off hosting a full-fledged meetup. Just DM me when you’re in town and we can exchange contact information.

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Great idea to meet! Please, inform me also about the final dates.
As a VP of Engineering at Snowball, I am looking for ways to implement the ILP in our project infrastructure. So, would like to learn more about ILP and participate in a meetup with our CEO @Parul_Snowball.

I am also thinking about bringing the ILP to Ukraine. So, definitely Interested in meeting with the community in SF.