Lecture on Interledger Protocol in Dublin, Ireland 🍀

Hello! I’ll be delivering a lecture on the Interledger Protocol at Trinity College Dublin on April 26th. I’ll also discuss applications of the Interledger Protocol, including how we use it at Flare for node operator remuneration. If you’re in town and interested in attending, please let me know or share with your friends in Dublin, I can be DM’d on Twitter at twitter.com/sprwn - We’ll be hanging out afterwards at the pub then! Cheers!


There were only a few spaces left since it’s a prebooked event for the research staff, and we’ve now hit capacity. Thanks everyone! I’m planning on doing another talk like this soon in London, and next time I’ll make a formal Meetup event for it that will be open to the public.


Nice one, will see if I can make that :+1:

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