Community Call - 8 March 2023

Join us for the Interledger Community Call on 8 March 2023!

The Interledger community calls shall be once a month, on the second Wednesday of each month.

Time: 4.00 PM GMT / 10.00 AM Central Time.

We’ll have regular update slots from:

  • Interledger Foundation
  • Fynbos
  • Rafiki
  • Open Payments teams

(Agenda and note taking document will be linked here shortly.)

Max Kurapov from ILF team will give a deep dive presentation on the Open Payments client/library.

Meet joining info
Video call link
Or dial: ‪(GB) +44 20 3956 1581‬ PIN: ‪476 812 309‬#
More phone numbers:

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We have slots for more regular updates on projects that build on the Interledger protocol, so please feel free to add details about your project in the comments below and we’ll update it to the agenda.

Have questions or need help? Join us on Slack here.

Recording and Podcast from February Community Call