Enable Coil on the Interledger Forum?

How difficult would it be to enable Coil on this forum? I’m happy to help with setup.

Maybe we could donate the funds to something like bug-bounties, SDK improvements, or something else to help the community?


Great idea, but would it not be like Coil enabling Coil. Not sure how the wider world would see it??

would it not be like Coil enabling Coil.

I don’t think so…? (but happy to hear counter-points).

This forum isn’t owned nor operated by Coil. Instead, Coil is just one participant in the overall Interledger eco-system (e.g., in order for Coil to work, it requires broader infrastructure like Connectors, wallets, webPayment standards, browsers, etc).

Last but not least, this forum is running on Discourse so if we can get Coil working in there more generally, then any forum provider running this software should be able to become Coil-enabled.


I totally agree, that the eco system needs to grow, and the more that do enable Coil the better. It needs to be commonplace to make it more the norm. A better alternative to advertising and is so seamless, with access to content being the important thing, not the advertising. This along with more take up of the other forms of interledger technology. I’m sure it is do-able, just wonder why it hasn’t been done?

Is there another way to instaneously stream value to multiple parties? I can’t think of any off the top of my head.

Discourse has an API for developers so we would be able to get hold of the data stored related to user activity on the site.

[https://docs.discourse.org](http://Discourse API)

For each entity that we would want to stream Coil donations to we would need to specify the payment pointer as well as the percent for each.

So I guess we could breakdown the discussion to:

  1. What is the description of entities in this case?

  2. How do these entities get a payment pointer?

  3. How is the percentage share for each of these entities determined?