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As suggested on Slack I have created some content for the Interledger blog at

Keen to get some ideas from the documentation and community WGs on how to manage publishing to this…


As an aside, who does the Coil revenue go to when visiting ILP blog pages? Does it go to the PaymentPointer of the authors?


Currently to an XRPTipbot account called Interledger.
This will be directed to the Interledger Foundation when it is finished being established.

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Currently to an XRPTipbot account called Interledger.

That sounds fine to me - I’m just trying to understand the mechanics of the Coil payouts. When I look at the Interledger account on Coil, it appears to be a grouped account of some sort where is like a blog/container/group, and individual authors can write articles under it (perhaps that’s not actually what’s going on – like maybe the “originally authored by” stuff is just part of the actual article instead of being a Coil feature).

In any event, it would be cool Coil allowed an account (like the Interledger account) to configure itself such that a community member who authored a post that was published in the ILP “group” could receive the revenue for it.

In the current articles that are there, I would think @sharafian should, rightly so, be getting the streaming funds since he spent the time & energy writing those articles.

For community oriented initiatives like Interledger, that’s good for the author’s and also good for the overall organization since it properly incentivizes content-creation.

(A more simplistic way to accomplish the same thing would be for Coil to introduce something like tags).

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That has already been raised and suggested :wink:


Yes. Added by me manually.

And is on the roadmap.