Copyrighted material - codius/interledger

I don’t know if this had been mooted before or not. But it’s similar to streaming payments for content creators, but relates to royalty based material, for example music. I’m not sure how the music industry currently works out, claims payment and reimburses artists. I think it could be more streamlined and seamless with the use of codius smart contracts and interledger.

Doesn’t just have to be music related either, any copyrighted material could be a candidate.

When the material is accessed or played this triggers the smart contract to initiate the process and start the collection of any payments, interledger then distributes these payments to the necessary recipient in what ever currency that is desired by the artist,agent or who ever.

I know this is very simplistic in concept, but I think it is doable, and potentially another huge use case for the whole ecosystem.

Apologies if this has been suggested already. I just thought about it whilst driving along :sunglasses:

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