Signal processing and Interledger

I am final year of BSc in Electrical Engineering and on the end I must do some small project or do better research some material that we worked on classes. Because I am interested in Interledger I would like to do some project that can further improve and connect with Interledger (using Moneyd maybe simplest option) and with this project I want learn and improve my knowledge about Interledger.
I decide to do that final project on course Signals and systems. In conversation with my professor general topic will need be around Fourier analysis and a fast Fourier transform of signal.

So I have some ideas but I don’t like them too much because I can’t see real use case in them.

  • using oscilloscope I will measure current form inverters or some other source and base on absolute value of signal every small base period Moneyd it will make payment from one account to another
  • a game where two players are betting who will call a pre-set tone (frequency) more accurately in their voice. One that generates greater energy for a certain tone in some time(e.g. 5 sec) reduced by the energy of noise is a winner and wins the pre-invested amount on both sides. What I understand here I should use Codius to program that smart contract

So I am asking a community if you have some ideas in space of signal processing that can after be connected to Interledger to make some payments?

Thank you all :slight_smile:

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Rhythm Analysis - Play a segment of beats, and ask someone to repeat the beats. Each one they match they get some drops

Vibration Analysis - Hook an accelerometer up, the person that matches the dance steps most closely wins some drops (or drops per matched dance move)


Paying for power usage with streaming payments is kind of a cool idea. There’s a demo on youtube using interledger:

If you want to use FFTs, you could measure the frequency of the incoming electrical supply to get a measure of the load on the total electrical grid, then adjust payment rate based on that.

Or going further, find a way of encoding data packets over power lines? You’ll probably need fourier transforms to decode data.

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