How to implement on a Comics Platform


I’m still reading the docs but I’m really loving the technology!
I think this is the future for micropayments and we want to heavily integrate this in our system.

Can someone guide me on what parts I need to look up/use so we can implement cross border micropayments in the comics platform we are trying to build?

It will be similar to Comixology, so we want Creators to be able to set their own prices for a comic/series.

Thanks in advance!

Hi epico!

What level of integration do you want in the comics platform?

Currently, Coil is the only available web monetization provider. Having users sign up with Coil and get a browser plugin is a first step. Then you need to have a wallet like Gatehub (or Uphold, but check to see which in more friendly for your country). Then you can collect funds over Interledger into that wallet using its ILP address.

There are simple libraries to see if the site has received funding like sharafian/react-web-monetization (that’s a github repo). There are also more advanced features that can implemented with code like interledgerjs/web-monetization-receiver (that’s a github repo).

I’ve also been working on consolidating and organizing some documentation over at: 1 Overview · Wiki · Geeks Without Bounds / DisCO Deck · GitLab

I hope that helps.


Thanks Jill!

Your wiki is a goldmine!

I’ve looked into Coil and Web monetization but it didn’t match with what we wanted our payments to be.
We wanted comics creators to set prices for each comic and readers pay to be able to read the comic.
Looks like there aren’t any ways to do it through interledger yet.
In the meantime, I’ll be reading up on your wiki and continue following the forums.

Thanks again Jill!