Community Call - May 29, 2019

The next community call will be on May 29th at 9am PDT / 12 midday EDT / 4pm UTC via Zoom .

Please post topics you’d like to discuss here

I would like to discuss two PRs in the RFC repo:

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I would like to discuss peering among different connector implementations.

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If there’s time in the call I’d like to talk about:

  1. Giving talks about Interledger and Web Monetization – I know Taiga is planning one, I have one scheduled for June (Web Directions Code in Melbourne). Would be awesome to collect materials/demos that are useful, especially from folks who’ve given many talks like @emschwartz, @justmoon and others
  2. Update on Puma Browser development

Thank you!

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@html5cat - Sorry we didn’t get to your topic. Will try to time-box things a little better for the next call.

Here’s the link to build the agenda for 12 June. Please post topics sooner rather than later so we can all prepare for the meeting and spend less time on context building in the call.

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