COIL, ILP Monetization


New to this forum and wanted to ask a question about whether I can ask a question regarding COIL and Wordpress? Has anyone integrated COIL with wordpress?

Or is there anything related to ILP that can be done to monetize a blog site?

Thank you in advance.

Yes I have coil enabled on a Wordpress site,

I used the info here to do it,

Hope this helps. There are other wordpress plugins, but they currently dont use the “metatag”

Hi, thanks for the post and link to the post. Actually you and I exchanged replies on Reddit. I have your site bookmarked and will be spending this weekend going through your thorough set up instructions.



EDIT: Update I have monetized the blog site with the Coil Plugin for Wordpress

I am the author of WordPress Coil connection plugin.
If you have any questions or requests, I can consider it.