Building the Ecosystem - Notes from 20 March Call

I made some rough notes from the community call on 20 March where @matdehaast asked the question: What can we do to grow the ecosystem and the network:

Problems we can solve

  • Peering is hard
  • Finding a peer is hard
  • Liquidity is an issue (it’s killed the whole network in the past)
  • Payment channels chew up liquidity

End users

  • Simple user interface needed (E.g. a wallet)

Connector Ops

  • This is hard. Tools required.

Project Governance

  • Spec governance
  • ILP website
  • Implementation owners/maintainers

If you’d like to discuss solving one of these issues please start a new topic and let’s get the discussion going before we meet at the summit.


Thank you for sharing these notes @adrianhopebailie.

Great call. Very insightful and how we can solve problems related to the Interledger network.

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