Two Questions

  1. Is this at all related to paystring? Are they a competitor? Can I implement both at once?

  2. Does interledgerjs work in the browser for sending and receiving payments?

  1. Paystring supports Interledger. Their whitepaper talks more about that on page 55: So you could technically implement both at once.
  2. I’m not sure here. @sharafian or @adrianhopebailie would know better. Technically SPSP, STREAM and the ILPv4 packets could be initiated in the browser. But you’d still need an up-link and BTP into a service outside the browser to be able to send/receive the Interledger packets to/from the network.

Basically, how would I accept interledger payments for a product?

Rafiki would be your best bet for that I think. GitHub - interledger/rafiki: An open-source, comprehensive Interledger service for wallet provider