Split Payment between users?Idea


I’m extremely new to this, no coding experience at all, but I have a question, sorry if it sounds dumb but I’m really new to this:

Question: With interledger, it is possible to split payments into multiple pieces between different users/endpoints? So for example, let’s say that for every tip that is made, a certain % would go to another users.

ex. I want to tip person A 100XRP with 10% going to person B. So in the end, person 1 gets 90XRP and Person 2 gets 10XRP.

Reason for asking: the reason I ask is because I have a small newsletter and I have a few writers that work under me. It would be cool that if someone decided to tip my article a certain percentage go to the original article writer.

Is this possible?

Thank you for your time

Hi @benjaminsaint,

And welcome to the community!

It is technically possible on the STREAM level of Interledger but as far as I know, there is no implementation doing it.

However, @sharafian created Probabilistic Revenue Sharing for web monetization. You pre-define all payment pointers and the corresponding shares (e.g. 90% to $wallet.com/alice and 10% to $wallet.com/bob) and your website chooses a payment pointer based on your probability distribution whenever it is loaded.

You could probably do something similar for tipping, however, you would need a large number of tips to get your split right.

We are currently working on Rafiki, which implements Open Payments. Once we can do tipping via Open Payments, your use case should not be a problem.

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If you have no coding experience, I think Interledger may be a bit too early in development for your use cases. They are still working on protocols and ecosystem tools (like rafiki). There are still ways to make what you want happen right now though. Email me at shaun@402.email and I can help you get something set up pretty quickly

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