Interledger Community Roadmap

I would like to get the discussion started on formulating a roadmap for the community. Roadmaps for specific implementations should probably be dealt with in separate discussions.

Items to address

  • Timeline of roadmap and when/how to reevaluate them.
  • Mechanisms and software we can use to track the roadmap and goals
  • Anything else people wish to add

I think we should try get the process in place and then we can discuss items to add to the roadmap. The goal would be by the end of the week we can finalise a process for the roadmap


Would this be a roadmap for increasing the number of nodes to 1,000? Or some other target to be discussed/defined?

1,000 Nodes seems like a benchmark in the roadmap. But unless we’re going to have a big first official version I can’t think of anything better to end the roadmap on.

“The Roadmap to Worldwide Interledger Adoption” (Final measurement on the roadmap being “All the Money”)


I want to bring attention back to the above topic.

I think as a community we are suffering from a few issues:

  • Fragmented vision and focus
  • No unified roadmap
  • Lack of clarity of the issues and severity of issues that need addressing

I really believe one of the greatest enablers of progress is getting into a development velocity that feeds into project momentum and velocity. By the community being on the same page and focussing development on the largest blockers I believe we can start getting a cadence going.

I propose we use the biweekly meetings as an informal sprint cycle in which we can assign tasks to achieve by the next meeting. These can be either singular tasks or subtasks within a longer project within the roadmap.

Some items for the roadmap that need addressing:

  • Make onboarding users onto interledger frictionless, easy and intuitive.
    • Solid testnet & livenet upstream connector
    • Ease of setting up a cloud base connector (Operator)
    • Ease of connecting moneyd/mondey-equivalent to the testnet/livenet
  • Finalise settlement engine architecture and RFC.

Please I urge all to add feedback here (even if it is just a yay or nay on the idea).



The idea of a solid (and advanced) testnet is great! That is what we envisaged as well at STYRA.

Our goal was to build/contribute to a testnet which enables you to build a product or use case that is mature enough to be migrated to the livenet with only few modifications.

Finalizing SE architecture is also something I see as high priority. :wink: