Brainstorm: Forum Norms, Rules, Expectations


We need community norms, rules, and expectations for how we’ll use this forum and how we’ll treat one another on it. What do you think these should include?


Here was an idea I had for the rules. Just don’t want to have randos asking about when the next ILP plug-in is going to be released on here or “when wallet”. It’s about as productive as people on Twitter discussing new token listings on Coinbase or pushing their own agendas, and I think the more we tailor the audience for productive discussion, the greater the utility of the platform. Creating community requires maintaining the desire to continually come back and contribute to the discussion. I personally would be a lot less likely to help if there’s a lot of posts that don’t encourage that.


This a public forum for participating in Interledger’s research efforts, including but not limited to:

  • Scaling
    • Load balancing
    • Connector topology
  • Routing
  • Decentralized Exchange
    • Market Making
    • Fee Markets
  • Economics
  • Privacy techniques
  • Custody
  • ILP improvements (pre-RFC)

This is not the place for:

  • Generic crypto and Interledger discussion (use Slack)
  • Discussing specific PRs and in progress RFCs (use GitHub)
  • Unproductive Interledger feature discussions

Technical questions are ok as long as they are relevant and are non-repeats.

EDIT: Can also add to this to account for applications and UX research.


I don’t think we need to be as draconian but we should definitely separate these different categories of discussion.


I think some defining on what’s in scope and out of scope is important. It’s good to choose what is most often seen by those who are thinking about contributing. This curation is more important as the community grows, but I think it’s fine if we don’t try to curate strictly early on. Some general guidelines would do. Noise isn’t a big concern right now, so we could just create categories and see what happens?


My suggestion was more along the lines of Slack’s #random channel.

We can simply create a place/topic for ILP-related but unfocused discussion so that we have a place to direct people that are creating noise in a focused discussion rather than simply telling them to go away :slight_smile:


Basic rule: Posts should support the encouraging of ideas, discussion and learning for the progress of interledger.