Flare Network Beta Release


Hello everyone!

Yesterday we shipped the beta release of Flare Network, a Turing-complete Federated Byzantine Agreement network that leverages Interledger for node remuneration. If anyone in the community wants to take it for a test-drive and upload/interact with a smart contract on the world’s first Turing-complete Federated Byzantine Agreement network, please email me at sean@flare.foundation .

We’ll be doing periodic snapshot updates of the codebase with new live releases as we progress to our full integration with Interledger, which we are currently developing. We expect a fully public release to occur in the next few months, with the complete Interledger integration.

Also, you’ll have seen me on the forums talking a lot about using FBA networks for various things - this is because we’re highly interested in researching unforeseen areas where Flare may yield an additive benefit. Of course, we don’t want to add complexity where unnecessary, but we believe that a general-purpose distributed network that you can do any computation with, and without being locked into a particular token/currency has a lot of potential use-cases that we don’t know about yet!


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Will mail you next week if that’s ok Sean, very busy work wise at the moment. Very interested in your proposals. Sounds exciting :nerd_face:

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Awesome! Congratulations on the launch!