Differences between Interledger and RippleNet

Hi everyone,

Can someone please tell me what the differences (and maybe similiarities) between Interledger and RippleNet is - in the context of cross-border payments?

Can they go hand-in-hand or do I use one over the other…



Hi Ernest,

RippleNet is a proprietary network of banks and payment companies run by Ripple. The protocol it uses is inspired by the “atomic mode” described in the original Interledger whitepaper (though that is no longer considered part of “Interledger”). In contrast, Interledger is an open network built on fully open protocols.

At the moment, Interledger is being used mainly for micropayments though we hope to expand the use cases (and supported payment sizes) in the future. RippleNet is designed for settlement of slightly larger amounts, as opposed to micropayments or retail payments.

RippleNet and Interledger are not currently interoperable. It’s possible that could change in the future, though they are built for fairly different use cases.