Deploying Own ILP Connector (Testnet & Livenet)

I was trying to deploy my own ILP Connector which is open to the internet .

To begin with i was trying to deploy one that would be on the testnet , the most recent resource i was able to find was dated 2018 , even then i tried it but for me it didn’t seem to work , in all of the articles i saw the use Moneyd or Moneyd GUI , i tried (mainly the one made by dev of xrptipbot and some of other devs )but non of them worked as expected , moneyd when running never gives me the configured / running properly message & when i tried moneyd GUI it just kept saying connected = false .

So i would love if anyone had any resource regarding Deploying our own Livenet or Testnet ILP connector , my final aim is livenet so if you have any resource regarding deploying it please let me know .

My Deployment Environment is :
Os : Ubuntu Arm 64 [ From Oracle Cloud]
Ram : 16 GB
Cores : 4 Cores
Domain for making the connector open to internet : .co TLD from Porkbun
Intended Usage : Receive Payments from customers , Web Monetization Enabled Sites , etc

There’s no testnet running right now. And for the livenet, you need access to a financial license and a peering agreement with one of the live nodes before you can join the network.

We’re working on a new testnet for later in the year, based on Rafiki, but we’re nowhere near ready with that.

In the meantime, if you can expand on your usecase, we can work on figuring out what else from the ecosystem you can use to develop against.