Current Status of Interledger?


What is the current status of Interledger? Which ledgers (centralized or decentralized) can it currently connect, and what needs to be done to enable new ledgers to connect to the network? Is there a measure on the usage of the Livenet?


In order to connect a new ledger to the network you need to create what the community calls a “plugin.” A plugin essentially defines the rules through which parties settle their balances on the underlying ledger.

Today plugins exist for BTC, XRP and ETH. The community is expanding the number of interoperable currencies. For example, Kava has partnered with Tendermint to create a plugin for Cosmos.

If you are interested going through the code of an existing plugin the ETH one is a good reference. The community is looking to simplify the process of creating new plugins. All of the plugins that exist within the interledgerjs organization on github use payment channels, which adds a significant amount of complexity to the implementation.

Nobody will be able to see the total usage on the livenet. Connectors only have visibility into the packets that they process. There has been some discussion about creating a tool that connectors could opt into that shares statistics with a central source the community could see. Could be a cool 236 project :sunglasses:


Now that would be really cool :sunglasses::+1: