Where to find development resources for building connectors and connecting to the Interledger mainnet?

Hi, this is Phoebe with LikeCoin. We’re trying to incorporate web monetization to our plugin that built based on cosmos SDK but we have a difficult time retrieving available technical documents and status on Interledger. Anyone know how and where we can find related development resources, especially for building connectors and connecting to the mainnet? Also, where can we get the latest development status?



To send money on the Interledger network you’d need to partner with one of the existing nodes: Coil, Gatehub or Uphold.

Can you provide some more details on how LikeCoin would work with the existing ILP network? Perhaps I can put you in touch with the right person as Coil to help.


Thank you, Adrian. It will be helpful if we can get in touch with Uphold regarding LikeCoin wallet support and integration questions. We would also like to see if we can become one of the providers in the ILP network (mainly for LikeCoin interoperability with other coins).

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Hi Adrian, I am following up to see if I can get in touch with the right person to talk about Uphold integration. As we are working to integrate W3C standard to our plugin, this will help us speed up the progress. Thanks in advance!

Hey there,

I can help

Thank you, Manuel. How should I contact you? My email is phoebe@like.co