Create stellar interledger connector

Hi there,
I’d like to know how can I build a connector between ripple and stellar using ilp?
I was looking in repositories but It confused me to start from where?


Hi, as much as I understand the ILP infrastructure currently in production, you don’t need to build a connector (unless you really want to). You can use the reference node js connector. What you need to build indeed, would be a plugin for Stellar. The reference connector can talk to a multitude of ledgers, Stellar included, if we provide it with the right plugin for that ledger. You could start by checking ilp-plugin-xrp and ilp-plugin-eth. There are more of them, the names I put here are generic.

Hi @mhd_mlk!

@Lucian_Trestioreanu is correct - you don’t need to build a new Connector, and the plugins he cited are a good start if you want to use

Alternatively, the community is moving away from the plugin architecture towards something called Settlement Engines (RFC nearly complete, but still WIP). Settlement Engines allow Connectors to settle outstanding/accrued debts between peers, using an underlying layer-1 ledger (e.g., Bitcoin, Fiat, Stellar).

Unfortunately, Settlement Engines are not by themselves compatible with Plugins, so if you want to move to that architecture, you should consider one of the three new Connector implementations that are currently being worked on in the community. To be clear, these new implementations don’t use plugins, but use SE’s instead.

For Stellar, you would need to build a Settlement Engine, which shouldn’t be terribly difficult. You could start with the Settlement Engine for XRPL and just adapt it to Stellar, I think.

Here are three connector options for you (Rust is probably the most mature at this point, and easy to use):