What are the best sources of information to get familiar with Interledger Protocol?

Hello! I have just joint the community and would like to explore the Interledger Protocol for potential utilization on my project. I am looking for any comprehensive videos or articles to get familiar with the Protocol and its use cases. Interested in your experience.

Please, could you recommend me the best sources of information on the Protocol?

Thanks in advance!

Hi Oleg,

welcome to the ILP community forum.

In my experience one of the best introductions into the ILP protocol stack is the one from the Boston Interledger Meetup. The slidedeck gives an overview of all the layers of ILP and its used protocols.

Regarding use cases, the HackHarvard in 2018 set out a price for the “Best Interledger Protocol API Hack”. The resulting projects provide some good inspiration, I think.

But it depends of course on how you want to use ILP. If you want to integrate ILP into your application, then the tutorials on moneyd, spsp, and web monetization might be a good starting point (also codius is a good example for the integration of ILP). If you want to run your own ILP connector as an operator, there is a good tutorial for that. And if you really want to deep dive into the protocols, I’d recommend the RFCs.

Disclaimer: I’m pretty new to ILP myself.


Hi Martin,

Thank you for a detailed reply. It’s really helpful.