[ rust ] Admin API Port

Hi, I am focused on getting intimate with the rust components and would like to run these outside of a docker for some faster iterations. I’ll be exploring the components and protocol and inserting my own code at various levels.

It seems some local config will be required for the ENV vars / config.

One feature that I would like to connect to right away is the ADMIN-API port, which I noticed is not yet exposed in the rust implementation.

What is the status of the availability for this port and its service? I was looking to connect MoneydGUI to it.

I see references in many places to the Admin Token but have not found the switch to enable yet.

Please let me know!

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Hi @fractal-synapse, welcome to the interledger community!

Right now, the rust implementation is built around a very different core abstraction than interledger.js. Those differences make it challenging to support the same type of management API so at the moment we aren’t aiming for compatibility with moneyd-gui. The API that’s currently exposed by the rust node is documented here. It may change a bit before it’s completely stabilized but you can get an idea of the type of methods exposed there. Feel free to open issues if you have any endpoints you’d like to request (or contribute to adding – I’m happy to mentor anyone through submitting their first pull request to the project).

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Awesome! I’ll take you up on it when I get to my first PR. :grinning:

I am working on locally standing up of the various services outside the docker beginning with a local redis and messing with the accounts api calls.

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