Paid APIs

Can anyone think of APIs that would make sense (and be possible) to add Interledger payments to? I think this is an under-explored use case for Interledger.

Anyone interested in working more on this topic?

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It could be interesting to implement a pay-as-you-go style SMS/Email gateway like Twilio.


With CPaas services like Twilio/Nexmo(former employee) already do this very well. Getting global coverage of SMS/Voice call routing requires management of hundreds of relationships with regional gateways.

With Nexmo you can maintain balances that gets drawn upon on a message by message basis $0.00001/sms in some regions and then top up your balance every $10 by visa, mastercard alipay, adyen atc.

Point being routing across multiple gateways to deliver a message is feasible paying via ILP for every hop, but the current setup is pretty efficient anyway, and you’d have to migrate a large portion of the telecommunications network to see any real efficencies…

IDT Corporation is a telecoms provider for nexmo, and the closest they’ve got is paying their global gateways network through xrapid.


However this topic did make me think about one thing Nexmo does in such a large network of gateway providers like the telecommunications network and that is Adaptive Routing.

Here is a transcript of the adaptive routing they use and how it offers benefits to their customers (corporations sending tons of SMS’s to many individuals in diver geographies):

Using Adaptive Routing the Cloud Communications Platform actively re-routes messages through different carrier routes and ensures optimum delivery for your messages. The route choice is made using millions of real-time conversion data points.

Message delivery indicators are:

  • Delivery receipts - in most instances DLRs are indicative of handset delivery. Unfortunately, delivery receipts are not always a reliable measurement of SMS reception. Nexmo uses conversion data as our main quality measurement.
  • Conversion data - by continuously sending a small amount of traffic to carriers, we see which route is performing best at a point in time and automatically rerouted accordingly. This analysis is carried out every 5 mins using data points from the previous 15mins.

With Adaptive Routing in conjunction with the Conversion API we achieve increased deliverability, reduced latency, higher conversion rates and increased stability.

It’s possible that the interledger could make use of an analogous piece of software that helps firms increase stability and deliverability of ILP packets.

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