Open Payments on Uphold

I am trying to build an application on top of Interledger that is able to send and receive payments between Payment Pointers. I am using Uphold and its API as a wallet and I am trying to use Open Payments to carry out the transactions. My struggle is that with Payment Pointers created by Uphold I am unable to use Open Payments. With other ilp-enebled digital wallets like ripple x, I am able to use Open Payments but not with Uphold.

For example let’s say I have a Payment Pointer in Uphold which is the following:

then I would try to send a request to :

expecting to receive a JSON with an ilpAddress and a sharedSecret
but instead I receive:
{ "code": "not_found", "message": "Not Found" }

do you know how I could use Open Payments with Uphold?

To my knowledge UpHold does not support OpenPayments (@adrianhopebailie or @matdehaast correct me if that wrong).

That said, are you really meaning SPSP and not OpenPayments? The example you gave looks like vanilla SPSP to me, and that should work with UpHold’s testnet (I think).

@sappenin thank you for your reply.
Indeed I meant SPSP and I am able to fetch the destination_account and the shared_secret using SPSP but I am stuck at how to use them to create a STREAM connection. I have tried to use the ilp-protocol-stream but I am havinig trouble setting up the connection. I am trying to use this code snippet and substitute the destinatin account and shared secret but I am unsure of what to put as “server” I have tried “btp+ws://” but the connection never gets established.

I am very new to Interledger and any help would be greatly appreciated.

I believe the problem with your SPSP query is a missing Accept header. Accept: application/spsp4+json must be sent for the server to recognize an SPSP request.

> curl  ''
{"code":"not_found","message":"Not Found"}%           

> curl  '' -H 'accept: application/spsp4+json'
{"destination_account":"","receipts_enabled":false,"shared_secret":"/yiBADd6Q0OlLnRIh0yVZ4zO3pLu1wPhWCEoi71aTmU="}%                                                                                                                               > 

Thanks, Ben!

@pietro_piccini One thing to note is that Uphold currently only supports ILP receiving. Not sure if that’s sufficient for your use case.