Moneyd routing questions

I have a couple of questions that arose while playing with moneyd, hope this is the right place to ask.

  1. If I am a child of “test.xpring-dev.js1” with my address “test.xpring-dev.js1.ilspServer.myNode”, why does the routing table say that “test” is my parent, shouldn’t it point to “test.xpring-dev.js1.ilspServer” ?
  2. When creating a config with moneyd, “receiveRoutes” is false by default, is this intended?

Hi @daren, welcome to the Interledger forum!

You’re right that test.xpring-dev.js1.ilspServer is the ILP address of the parent node. However, I believe what that routing table entry means is that all packets that start with the prefix test should be sent to that node. It’s using the ILP address less as an identifier for the node and more for the prefixes that should be forwarded to that node.

That is intended. moneyd is meant to be a simple local router that forwards all traffic to it’s “uplink” (upstream or parent node). It doesn’t need to get route broadcasts from its uplink because it will forward all traffic to them anyway (like a home router forwarding internet packets to the Internet Service Provider).

I understand now, thank you for the explanation. I will ask more questions as they come up :slight_smile: