Micropayments to provide a pay as you stream service as alternative to the subscription model

Hello everyone, I work as a project manager (so not a tech guy), for a large ISP / Media company in the UK. I’m involved in a Lab week for teams to come up with innovative ideas and I would like to demonstrate / open discussions of the possibility of streaming micropayments for data/video to provide a pay as you consume service using ILP as an alternative to our current subscription model.
Our company has the rights to most of the premier league football in the UK and I believe a micropayment streaming service to watch per the second could be a possibility to anyone with a internet connection.

I am a little overwhelmed where to start and to the exact protocols within the ILP to start researching. I will be forming a technical team to support me but if your able to point me in the right direction or could help advise how you would go about showcasing such a product, would be gratefully appreciated. I look forward to researching deeper in this transformative industry. Thanks in advance.


Hi @Mattz,

Glad to hear that you’re interested in interledger! Sounds like you have some high level ideas of what you’re interested in building. It would be helpful to hop on a call so that I can learn more about what you have in mind. Want to send me an email at aking@ripple.com and we can coordinate a meeting sometime next week?



Hi @Mattz. Streaming payments for content is exactly what we’re doing at Coil. We’d be happy to help you put a POC together.

Hi, Is it possible to stream micro payments over ILP with any digital asset or is it possible only with XRP or iou that runs on the XRP Ledger?

Hi @moveValuefast, ILP has no preference for the underlying ledger. Therefore, you can stream payments with any currency or payment network. Nothing about ILP is directly tied to the XRP ledger.

Great , thank you for the quick replay @austin_king

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