Getting an error on wallet-receiving-example

Would appreciate any help or feedback please.

I downloaded the project

I entered the directory and run “npm install” command in order to install all dependencies in:
I’m getting errors when running the command. see the following screen shots:

@sappenin can you please help with this error that i’m getting?

Hey @moveValuefast - I’ll try to look later today. @matdehaast any ideas?

@moveValuefast I was able to install it. Maybe try clearing your NPM cache to see if that works?

Thank you all.
I will try that asap

Apologies I didn’t see this earlier. @moveValuefast also what version of node are you using? I don’t think I have tested it on some of the newer node versions

Hi, we use version 10.15.3

Hmm interesting. That shouldn’t be an issue. I will try setup on that version locally and get back to you

Great matt, I appreciate that …thanks

Hi @matdehaast Have you been able to look at this ?
I appreciate your help with this

Hi @matdehaast, we tried again and know we don’t get an error.
So all is good,
Thanks for the help @matdehaast @sappenin @kincaid

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