Docker F99 error reject

I try to send XRP to ETH (via your docker example) and get this error

Hi @Andrii_Spivak, can you clarify which software you’re running? Is this the Rust Connector, or something else?

Also, can you supply the account details of each account?

My hunch is that your FX from XRP to ETH is getting rounded to 0. E.g., 160 XRP is 0.208981 ETH, which will round down to 0 ETH on the receiver side, depending on the implementation. Alternatively, your routing could be the culprit.


Thank you for answer. There was few problems than I found in my case ( I use wrong address of sender in ganache network and other small mistakes, like wrong asset_scale . Now, this example working good (but I stuck in other problem that I should describe in other topic)
(P.S. And you was right, I use interledger-rs)