Community Call - September 15, 2021

The next community call will be on 2021-09-15T16:00:00Z2021-09-15T17:00:00Z

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Please post topics you’d like to discuss here and some background context for the rest of the community (preferably not a few hours before the call so everyone has a chance to do some background reading).

We have regular updates on projects that build on the Interledger protocol, so please feel free to add your project to the agenda, and talk a little bit about your project.

Can you guys elaborate on the relationship between XRP and ILP, if there is any?

ILP is a protocol for transferring money globally where settlement can happen on any kind of ledger or even physically if needed,

XRP is a very efficient ledger. Currently, the vast majority of ILP transactions are in practice settled over XRP Ledger but that just the choice of the network participants. There is nothing in ILP that’s specific to XRP. Hope that helps.

Thank you Stefan!

I vaguely pictured it somewhat similarly. I am glad that you have clarified it.

Thanks again.

If you’ve missed the community call, the recording is up on Soundcloud and Cinnamon. Thanks @sabinebertram for the suggestion!