Community Call - November 25th, 2020

The next community call will be on 2020-11-25T16:00:00Z2020-11-25T17:00:00Z

Dial in via Zoom

Please post topics you’d like to discuss here and some background context for the rest of the community (preferably not a few hours before the call so everyone has a chance to do some background reading).

This week myself and Joran Greef will be presenting Tiger Beetle, a purpose-built high speed ledger.

Tiger Beetle has been developed as part of the Mojaloop project to solve the challenge of tracking a small number of account balances that have a very high volume of transactions against them.

The project is currently hosted at:

Because Mojaloop uses Interledger the project is also very useful for building high-throughput connectors.

@adrianhopebailie or @sabinebertram – any chance there’s a recording of this call?

The recording is up now:

We are still trying to figure out how to upload the video (cinnamon or youtube or both and under which account).

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Here’s the video:

Joran also recorded a screencast of the demos on their own which is here along with instructions to try them yourself: