Transfer XRP to Ethereum Smart Contract via a Connector

Hi everyone,

Would it be possible to use Interledger to transfer XRP to Ethereum smart contracts?
So the scenario would be like this:
XRP → a connector → ETH smart contract.
The current spin-up example only covers ETH to ETH accounts (Alice and Bob’s ETH settlement engines).


On Flare Network you’ll be able to transfer XRP into an Ethereum smart contract as $FXRP. Flare EVM smart contracts do not have high gas fees and a innovative implementation of FBA Consensus that integrates into XRPL, STELLAR, DOGE, LITECOIN, and ALGORAND blockchains to observe their state with 2-phase process that signals back the verification of the current state of underlying blockchain to nodes on Flare network. Creating Trustless bridges from those blockchains allows native crypto asset to be minted into Flare network with EVM smart contract capabilities. Back in 2019 at InterLedger summit Flare CTO presentation talked all about utilizing InterLedger and Streaming Hosting fees, I’d really like to know how Flare is going to utilize InterLedger???

It would make sense sense for Agents(regulated crypto MSP entities) to operate InterLedger Rafiki connectors that provide cross chain liquidity between the 5 underlying F-Asset blockchain native tokens and maybe XRPL DEX???

Will validators or stakeholders of some federated side chains run Tigerbeetle nodes and Rafiki Connectors to connect their federated side chains to other blockchain networks to offer cross chain interoperability by tapping into XRPL DEX or AMM Liquidity Pool built on side chain???
Exciting times ahead for XRPL and InterLedger in 2022