The transfer\usage cost component when using an ILP Connector

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It is unclear to me how and where the “fee” component of transferring value from A to B through a connector is managed, and whether the flow is different in the two different cases in the examples below:

  1. Alice transfers to Bob let’s say 10USD through xyz Connector that doesn’t convert the $.
    A. Is there necessarily a cost here that xyz needs to get?
    B. If so, does that mean Bob will receive 10USD minus this fee or Alice will pay 10USD + this fee so Bob gets exactly 10USD?
    C. is there a fee parallel account that lists all the transfer fees Alice made for a certain period of time (week\month)?

  2. When Alice owns 10 xrp or 10 eth and wants to transfer to Bob so that he can finally get dollars through the xyz connector who helps on the way to make the exchange of the assets to dollars.
    A. Is this scenario different from the first scenario from connector fees?