Protocol on the Wire

This is not a question but just an outcome of some serialization troubleshooting I was doing. Wireshark is a tool to pick up TCP/IP traffic and dissect it into human readable parts. ( ILP of course does not have a protocol dissector).

When I was trying to figure out the serialization of the packets I was getting a byte length of the payload that didn’t make sense. Using wireshark I was quickly able to see inside of what was being transmitted. Interesting to note is that the content-length of the TCP payload is different than the ILP packet payload. The ILP packet length excludes the type code and the content-length - these are the header bytes. (Yes this is documented in the spec). So I had to figure out the 109 vs 107 byte count.

So, if we wanted to see fields in the protocol appear in key value style vs hex then we can write a dissector.

Just wanted to drop this info for anyone else who is fascinated about the protocol and likes to get into the bytes!


Haven’t used Wireshark for a LOONG time but remember it being very useful for this kind of thing.

A dissector would be awesome, would be happy to help on that if I can. Do you know if there are any generic OER dissectors already?

I see wireshark does already have OER filters so that’s a start:

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:grin: yes a dissector for ILP would be cool , damn I just dated myself haha