Proposals for Secure Interledger Routing

Starting this thread to capture and discuss ideas related to secure Interledger routing.

Does anyone recall the ideas we discussed at the ILP Summit around this? If memory serves, the latter portion of the routing session involved an idea around signed route updates using ILP addresses that are the hash of some seed related to a public-key (though I can’t remember the specifics). Did anyone takes notes or remember the proposals more concretely?


We can release the video soon. Thanks for the ask.


Any news on the above @vanessadice?

The videos are now up here. Search for “routing.”

Hi, All!
Mates, I’ve become excited for this subject. I’ve watched the Routing video. Thnks, @sappenin and @vanessadice for providing the videos.
I have been doing some lectures, and I would like to ask a small question about the BGP issue, please. Well, I said BGP issue, just for saying. The point is not about BGP, but about the Interledger similar exponential issues.
My question is: Are you guys having this kind of trouble also (out of control, too much earlier, exausting of resources)?
I am trying to have a more precise feel about where does the issue hurt, in order to make my best choices of where to direct efforts.
I’ve read, from @justmoon [1], that overhead would be manageable due to routes tend to be short.
If so, then one doesn’t have to worry looking for improvement of performance to the routing, since it is not one of the most important issues?
Thanks in advance, for taking the time. =)

[1] “How does the routing work in Interledger”