Open Payments v2

As discussed on the last community call, @sabinebertram and I have been working on a new version of Open Payments that leverages the GNAP protocol.

We’ve pushed a lot of our work to Github so folks can start reading it here:

It’s a tough to digest right now as it is written in a manner that will become a protocol and API spec but it will provide some idea of what we’re doing.

At a high level, the changes from v1 are:

  • We have done away with the mandate resource as this is better served by grants issued through GNAP.
  • We have replaced invoices with incoming payments. These fulfil a similar role but we felt that an invoice was not the correct name as this term is already used widely in accounting and commerce and has a subtly different meaning in that context.
  • We have introduced the concept of an outgoing payment which is how a new payment from an account is created and initiated.
  • We have simplified the payment detail discovery to be a built in part of incoming payments.
  • We previously assumed auth would be based on OAuth 2.0 which forced us to capture a lot of logic in resources like mandates. We have switched to GNAP for auth.

We’ll prepare a proper overview presentation in the next few weeks and go through it with the community at the next call. Any feedback welcome here or via Slack.

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Big thanks to @laka @matdehaast @wilsonianb and others on their input and help getting this to where it is!

Any feedback welcome here or via Slack.

I’ve opened a draft pull request as another option for providing feedback: