Interledger 2020 - Request for Blog Posts

The Rust community has a great year-end tradition of writing “Rust {year + 1}” blog posts (see this year’s request for posts here and the Rust 2020 posts here). It’s a way for anyone in the community to reflect on the current year and articulate their hopes for the technology and ecosystem in the coming year. I’d like to suggest that we do something similar for Interledger.

Whether you’re a long-time contributor or brand new to the Interledger project, I’d like to invite you to write an Interledger 2020 blog post reflecting on any, all, or none of the following questions:

  • What went well in 2019 and what could have gone better?
  • What are the most important things to focus on or biggest issues that need to be solved in 2020?
  • What do you think is the best strategy to increase Interledger adoption, grow the community, or achieve your goals for the project?

Posts can be long or short and feel free to use your publishing platform of choice.

Please link to your post in a response to this thread, share it on the Interledger forum, and/or use the hashtag #interledger2020 on Twitter so we can find them.

Looking forward to reading what you think!


Here is my Interledger 2020.

Please feel free to comment and I hope 2020 will be a good year for the Interledger😉

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I agree that “Access” is important. I was wondering if we should provide that in a “raw” way like exposing BTP or ILP over HTTP, or easier ways like APIs such as OPay.

Maybe we need both and the problem is going to be “which one should we prioritize?”
I would answer APIs because most use cases would be covered with it and “raw” access would be required by those who are very familiar with ILP (and so they would be able to run their nodes) or those who need very specific uses.

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Yeah, I think the set of APIs offered by Interledger wallets should encompass both direct access (BTP or HTTP) and Open Payments.

On prioritization I think I agree with you. We’re hoping to have the Open payments sessions API available to people fairly soon to let people start doing secure exclusive content over Web Monetization. Direct access is more important for advanced use cases


Sorry, I’m a bit late:


Here’s my post!

Even though not part of the ILP community, I have high interest in the success of it…

I read all the blogs #interledger2020 and this is my response:

Here’s my Interledger 2020 post. I hope it is useful.

Six things Interledger needs to grow in 2020: “A non-developer’s perspective”